An ancient martial art with roots on both sides of the globe!

The Peking Duck Style came to the New World by way of monks fleeing the chaos of Sixteen Kingdoms era China.  Introduced to the Moche people of northern Peru, it was modified to be effective as practiced by pregnant women since the armies were overstretched with conquest and internal struggle.

Kept alive in relative obscurity through 54 generations of Moche descendents, the Peking Duck Style has gained popularity and notoriety due to several recent archeological discoveries.  At the Huaca de la Luna in Trujillo, Peru, a vessel was discovered in the form of El Pato de Guerra (or the War Duck) which was definitely made by the Moche but made of clay not found in the Western Hemisphere.  Just outside of Trujillo, one the best preserved mummies ever found in the West was found to be a warrior woman despite ample evidence that women were granted almost no status in the Moche Culture.

These discoveries spurred a librarian to travel to Peru to investigate the martial traditions of the descendents of the Moche.  She was granted instruction from the 54th inheritor of the Style, Picaro Sueno. You can now see this unique art for yourself.

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