About us

Laughing Blossom Ideas is a team effort to get good ideas from the good idea phase into the improving lives phase.  There are a lot of ideas that are good ideas but bad business.  There are a lot of ideas that are good ideas and good business, but not good business for us since we do not want to spend huge amounts of time sheparding business day to day.  For Laughing Blossom Ideas to take on the reality building task of an idea, the idea must fit the following categories:
1. Can it be turned into a income stream that, once started, will take no more than two hours each week to shepard?
2. If the idea takes off can it grow without falling to pieces? 
3. Is the initial investment of time and money sufficiently minimal that we can walk away if it flops?

Who we are and what we bring

laughingatus design has ideas, lots of ideas, ideas in the shower, ideas on the train, ideas in bed, ideas walking down the stairs, ideas walking up the stairs...you get the idea.  laughingatus design also builds things, pretty much anything: designs, models, mock-ups, proofs of concept, etc.  The director of laughingatus design is a Librarian and has an extensive background in all things "alternative" like grass-roots development, green-ness, self-sufficiency, education, etc.

Blossom Enterprises has ideas, lots of ideas, ideas in the house, ideas with a mouse, ideas on a boat, ideas about goats (maybe not goats), but you get the idea here too.  The director of Blossom Enterprises is a COO with vast experience in project management, patents, business marketing, education, etc.